Tourism Quality Label

"It is by giving importance to details that we approach perfection." - Black Road Limo founders.


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Qualité Tourisme label, a guarantee of professionalism and mastery of our tourist services. 🇫🇷


Label professionals and the French government are committed to : 

"The Qualité Tourisme™ mark is the only state mark awarded to tourism professionals for the quality of their welcome and services."

We are committed to pursuing and continually improving our quality approach in order to offer the most appropriate services to our demanding clientele. Choose elegance and serenity with our private transport company, distinguished by the Qualité Tourisme label. Treat yourself to exceptional service every time.


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BLACK ROAD LIMO is a VIP transportation company based in Paris, offering its services in the largest cities around the world.

Travel, move where you want, when you want.

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