General terms and conditions of sale

All orders placed with the company BLACK ROAD LIMO - leads to'acceptance of the general sales conditions (here-below) which form an integral part of the contract of carriage signed between BLACK ROAD LIMO and the customer.

Preamble :

The company BLACK ROAD LIMO , a SAS registered in the NANTERRE Trade and Companies Register under number B 851 544 361, whose registered office is in Paris.ège is located at 151 rue du 1er Mai 92000, and registered with the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry.'Écologie et du développement durable under number EVTC092200568, propose sa clientèle of professionals and private individuals a chauffeur-driven car rental service.

Subject :

The present general conditions of sale are concluded between :

D'on the one hand,

The company BLACK ROAD LIMO, ci-hereinafter referred to as " the seller"

and'on the other hand,

Any person or entity wishing to use the services of the company BLACK ROAD LIMO, ci- hereinafter referred to as " the client"

Together referred to as " the parties"

The seller reserves the right to change or withdraw the'The seller reserves the right to modify or adapt these general terms and conditions of sale at any time and without prior notice., in particular to bring them into conformity with the legal and regulatory provisions. The client is therefore invited to consult them regularly and before booking any service.

However, the general conditions applicable to each service will be those in force from the day of final validation of the service by the client.

The present general terms and conditions of sale define the respective rights and obligations of the contracting parties to the'the sale of the services provided by BLACK ROAD.

By signing the quotation or order form, or accepting the order confirmation, the customer expressly acknowledges having read and accepted these general conditions of sale. Only the derogations that are subject to the'subject to'Only waivers agreed to in writing by the seller may modify the'application of these general conditions

1 - Formation of the transport service contract

Reservation of'a service can be made, 24h/24 and 7d/7 by e-mail contact@black-road.en or by phone +33(1) 79 73 79 77 or directly via our website . Reservations by telephone must be made at least 2 hours before arrival.'start time (this time may be reduced by the coordinator depending on vehicle availability).
The customer'to provide all information concerning his request for service.. He is solely responsible for this information, of which the following are considered essential to the contract : date of service, place of pick-up, drop-off location, pick-up schedule, number of passengers(s), number of luggage(s), type of service (transfer, provision). BLACK ROAD fixes the price of the service in particular according to the information provided by the customer. The reservation of the service will become contractual and will be considered as firm and definitive between the parties after return of the estimate accepted by the customer with the mention " good for agreement" .

4.1 - Delay

Once the reservation has been confirmed, the client will have to come to the venue/day and time agreed on the order form.
For a better follow-up, the customer will receive by mail or sms - according to the convenience - l'the arrival of his driver.

In case of'waiting for the driver, additional charges will automatically be added to the initial estimate., at-beyond 15 minutes for city and station transfersand 1 hour for airport transfers depending on the range chosen. Any hour started is due. In the event of the customer's non-appearance or failure to respond to the driver's reminders, the driver-will be free to leave after a period of 30 minutes..

4.2 - Cancellation of service
A service may be cancelled by the customer, for reasons of logistics and'organization of d'cancellation fees may be charged to the customer :

- More than 48 hours before the start of the reservation, the customer retains the right to'cancel without charge,

- Less than 48 hours before the start of the reservation, the customer will have to pay,

If the client cancels the reservation, when the driver is already at the pick-up location, the full amount due will be claimed.,

In case of no-show of the customer, at the place of departure at the'address and at the'the time indicated on the order form, the full value of the journey ordered will be charged to the customer.

5.1 - Responsibilities

BLACK ROAD LIMO is guaranteed by a'insurance company that covers the risks associated with its activity in accordance with current regulations..
In the event of a dispute, the liability of BLACK ROAD LIMO be held liable'on condition that the customer provides proof of'the latter's wrongful conduct and'causal link with the alleged loss..

L's insurance'company BLACK ROAD LIMO covers liabilities related to the'company. The client is legally and criminally responsible for his actions..

5.1 - Responsibilities of the client and the persons transported

The customer'commits to him-himself and for the passengers for whom he has contracted with BLACK ROAD to behave as " good father of family " as soon as we take charge, in particular, by respecting the driver and the vehicle as well as the following provisions :

- Respect for the rules of the Highway Code (wearing a seatbelt, car seat, booster seat, having made the request at the time of booking...),
- No smoking, No smoking, no drinking of alcohol.'alcohol, eating or carrying dangerous materials. If necessary, the driver will make a stop on the way,

- Any damage to the vehicle, caused by the customer, will be fully charged to the customer,
- For all other damage resulting in the immobilisation of the vehicle a fixed fee of'a fixed sum oftyeart of 150,00, swill be appliedlited by suite by CB or esspeciess,
- Domestic animals, Smaller animals, are accepted under the following conditions'be in a transport cage. Dogs of'assistance dogs are allowed..

2 - Service price

BLACK ROAD determines the price of the service in accordance with the information provided by the customer. The prices indicated in our quotes include VAT at the rate fixed by the regulations in force for transport services (10% for transfers, 20% for secondments), the driver service, fuel and'unlimited professional liability insurance for the persons transported. The following are not included in the price of the service :

- The rights of'Entrance fees to the sites, public places or others (e.g. : monuments, exhibition...),
- Parking fees,
- The cost of'Accommodation costs for the driver in case of a long journey, except if the driver is not a member of the team.'The driver's accommodation costs for long journeys unless they are shown on a separate line in the application form.'the quotation.

Any additional services requested by the client, not provided for in the initial estimate will be subject to the'object'will be invoiced additionally..

3.1 - Payment of the service for individuals

The prices indicated by the seller are in Euro, all taxes included. The services are payable in cash to the driver, once the place of destination is reached by the following means of payment : Cash or credit cards.

3.2 - Payment for professional services

For business customers, invoicing may be established on a monthly basis from the purchase orders established at the time of the order.'for each service.
Any delay or failure to pay may result in the following as of right :

- L'immediate payment of the remaining amount due,
- The suspension of the'The suspension of the execution of current and future services agreed with the client

The no-The customer and the passengers are exclusively responsible for any non-compliance with these provisions.'towards BLACK ROAD LIMO and third parties. L'company BLACK ROAD LIMO declines any responsibility for the actions of its customer before and after transport. BLACK ROAD LIMO reserves the right to refuse to take charge of the vehicle, or to disembark, a passenger under the's, or disembark a passenger under the influence of'alcohol.

6 - Luggage and transported items

Luggage is accepted and remains the responsibility of the customer. L'The company BLACK ROAD LIMO cannot be held responsible for any damage to the luggage./or loss of objects, luggage or electronic devices (telephone, tablet, etc....),
Luggage must be placed in the boot of the vehicle with the'assistance of the driver. No luggage may be left with the driver. The driver may refuse luggage of excessive weight or size., as well as those that'. the driver may refuse luggage of excessive weight or size, as well as that which he considers detrimental to the safety of the carriage.

7 - Claims

Any complaint must be made in writing within 8 days of the date of delivery.'Any complaint must be made in writing within 8 days of the performance of the service by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt addressed to the company's head office - BLACK ROAD LIMO 2-10, Rue Joseph Terneau 92000 NANTERRE-.
After this period, no dispute will be taken into account.

8 - Force majeure

The responsibility of the company BLACK ROAD LIMO cannot be held responsible if the non-execution of the service or the delay in the'execution of that-the performance of the service or the delay in its performance.'a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure is'means any external event, unforeseeable and irresistible in the sense of the'article 1148 of the civil code.

9 - Applicable law in case of dispute

The present general conditions of sale, as well as the'The present general terms and conditions of sale, as well as all contractual relationships that may arise from them, are subject to French law..
In the'If a dispute arises between the customer and the seller, the seller shall be bound by French law., the parties'In the event of a dispute between the client and the seller, the parties undertake to seek an amicable solution taking into account the interests of each party.'s interests before'before taking any legal action..

By default, only the court of Nanterre will be competent.

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